The London Institute of Certification & Accreditation (LICA) offers quality assurance standards for educational institutions worldwide. 

With a LICA accreditation you will gain a globally recognized certification.

Elevate the status of your organization with this much sought after British branding.

With its extensive pool of high calibre professionals, gain your global recognition in an efficient, streamlined and seemless process.

Advantages of LICA's Accreditation

♦       Internationally accepted accreditation

♦       British accreditation, a benchmark in International standards

♦       20% increase in student retention

♦       35% increase in student enrollments

♦       Global acceptance of your academic programs

Once you are Accredited you will receive:

♦       Your Accreditation Certificate

♦       Authorization to use our Logo on your certifications

♦      Recommendations to improve your areas of strengths and                     weaknesses

♦       Opportunity to promote on our seminars, webinars and other               events

With A LICA Accreditation You Will Gain

Worldwide Recognition

Increased Student Enrollments

Increased Student Retention

Increased Trust

Preference of your graduates with employers

Increased Promotional Opportunities with various media

LICA's accreditation of our institute has enormously helped us with our student admissions. This recognition has been a gamechanger for us!

Thomas Acreman

International Institute of Technical Sciences

I highly recommend LICA's accreditation. With this accreditation we have improved our institutional image and increased our enrollment and student retention.

Alan Chen

National College of Aviation Technology

I would like to thank LICA for their fantastic accreditation service. They were friendly and offered excellent guidance from the start of my registration and throughout the accreditation process.
Their directions in improving our curriculum have been immensely helpful.

Sarojini Devi

Institute of Ayurvedic Studies

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